Here's the recording if you missed the event.

100% Community Conversation

Thank you to all who particpated.

If not me, then who?

There are thousands, likely millions of us out here, yearning to make a positive impact, asking of ourselves, “I’m only one person, what can I do?” I believe the discussion we had today demonstrates that every person has the potential to make a positive difference.

How can you make an impact?

At the very end of the discussion, I asked each member of the panel, what impact they would make by being a part of a 100% Community? That is my question for you too. How can you make a positive difference where you live?

100% Community shows us how.

I believe that we have the way; let’s join together and commit to a collective will. 100% Community shows how we can create a local system of readiness that makes us crisis-proof! On behalf of my awesome Impact! Team, we thank you for participating and look forward to having you join us for another Impact! Live event soon.